About Cashcat

Cashcat was created for the convenient selection of online loans for Filipinos.

We ourselves were faced with the fact that we saw a huge number of offers on the lending to payday market and realized that it was difficult enough for an ordinary consumer to understand these offers and conditions.

Among other things, in the credit market, as well as in any other market, there are unscrupulous players who can deceive the consumer. That is why we monitor exactly which companies participate in the selection of proposals and analyze each one.

Often we check the accuracy of these credit conditions, conduct surveys of existing customers, clarify the positive and negative aspects of cooperation with a particular credit institution. And only then, in the case of all positive answers to our questions, we offer our clients such an offer, if it fits the client's parameters.

The advantage of working with Cashcat for a credit company is the ability to integrate and receive personal data of the client without the need for the client to re-enter this data. Thus, customers save time and effort in filling out personal data.

Contact the emails specified in the contacts and we will be happy to advise you on the issue of fast loans!