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You have definitely encountered situations when you needed money urgently for various purposes but mostly for utilities services payment, medical treatment, car or electronics repair, gifts purchase. Often such financial issues come as a surprise when you are not able to borrow from your family or friends. What to do if there is no chance to borrow some money, and a pawnshop is not the best idea?

The answer is simple – apply for a fast cash loan. You can receive it from a company specialized in issuing fast cash loans. This service allows you to save your time for the application process, as unlike the bank loan, it's so much easier. Nowadays several similar companies are operating in the Philippines, that's why such diversity may be confusing. All of them differ in terms of credit period, credit amount and credit conditions.

Advantages of fast cash loans

- It's fast. The application process and obtaining the cash take only 10 minutes.

- It's convenient. It's a personal loan. To apply for a loan, you don't need a mortgage, a guarantee or an employment certificate, which essentially simplifies the loan process. No collateral, no credit checks.

- Available. To obtain a fast cash loan, you need a minimum of documents – any two IDs. You need Cashcat when you want to find loan in Philippines with no requirements.

- It's reasonable. You don't have to mention a specific reason for obtaining a loan, that's why you will be able to spend money for any purposes.

Cashcat is there for you when you are in urgent need of money

Our company offers you an opportunity to solve all your financial issues in a fast and convenient way. To do that, you will not have to go to multiple institutions. All you need is just to submit an online application. The amount of your first loan can be up to 10.000 PHP, taken for any convenient for your period. The loans are issued for the employed citizens of the Philippines aged between 18 and 65. After a preliminary approval you will get a cash loan credited to your bank card.

You are the one to choose such credit conditions, as credit period and credit amount. Besides, Cashcat made sure that you would be able to adjust the payment period. Thus, if you can settle your loan earlier, the credit use fees will be re-calculated. If for any reason you won't be able to pay a loan when due, you can always postpone your payment. The number of such postpones is unlimited!

With Cashcat you are receiving a loan without any extra payments, fees or prepayments. Our conditions are easy and understandable! The convenience of instant loans is highly appreciated. Having become a Cashcat customer, you acquire several privileges: the time of the next loan application process decreases to 2 minutes, while now to apply for a new loan you will need only one ID.

Interest rate

Below is an example of calculation:

If the loan is equal to 4.000 PHP, the credit use fee will amount to 60 per day, which is approximately 1.5% per day, with the APR being 547.5%. The company lends money to its customers based on the contract valid till December 31 2020. The customer can receive a loan for an unlimited period, provided that payments are submitted every 7 or 14 days, at the discretion of the customer. Financial liability of the Credit User in case of failing to meet an obligation towards the financial partner is listed below:

- The process of the enforcement of debt may be initiated, with the possibility of the debt cession to the Third Party;

- In case of an outstanding payment, a compulsory overdue interest of 2 % of the credit amount for each overdue day is applied. An outstanding payment is starting from the first overdue day up to the moment of the loan redemption and settling the drawdown charge.

The conditions of the rescheduled loan are as follows: The Credit User is eligible for extending the loan period after paying the above-mentioned fees for the use. The minimum due term is 1 day, and the maximum due term (under terms of the contract) is up to December 31 2020.

Failure to meet the obligations towards the financial partner may have a negative impact on the credit history of the Credit User, as well as may affect their credit rating, which, in turn, may be the reason of service denial by both the Partner and the Third Parties.

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