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Since money rules our lives, it often happens that we need cash urgently. It's especially true for less stable economies. In the Philippines, people consider borrowing and lending a natural part of their life. So, getting a fast loan is easy. Besides, it’s a common issue that many Filipino citizens face regularly. The question is: what to do when you need cash quickly but have never dealt with lenders before?

We are ready to help. Explore our guidelines carefully and you will know how to get loans online same day. In general, the whole borrowing process provides for comparison of financing companies, applying for loans from the most suitable one, getting the money, and making repayments. These steps can also be divided into smaller ones.

Further, we’ll describe how to get a fast cash loan Philippines without hurdles:

  1. Choose a lender:
    1. Understand your goals. Decide which feature is more important for you. Let’s say, you can prioritize delivery speed over fees.
    2. Explore offers. You can find different lenders and the detailed info about them in our lists. Compare them taking into account the most important parameters.
    3. Read reviews. Don’t forget to analyze the feedback of other clients. Borrowers often know how things work and are ready to share their experience.
    4. Choose the best company. Once you’ve collected all the necessary information, decide which lender is likely to meet your needs.
  2. Apply for a loan:
    1. Sign up. Lenders offer different ways to apply for a loan. You can create a personal account on the official site, register via a mobile app or visit a land-based office.
    2. Fill in the form. To get fast loans online or offline, you should submit an application form. Add your personal info and attach the requested documents.
    3. Submit the application. Finally, check the entered data and send your application online. Some lenders also offer to download the form and submit it personally.
  3. Receive the money:
    1. Choose the withdrawal method. The most popular options include bank transfers, checks, and cash.
    2. Get your funds. Depending on the chosen option, you can get the money online or offline. Delivery times also depend on the method.
  4. Make repayments:
    1. Choose the repayment method. Similarly to withdrawals, lenders offer various repayment options. You can decide to repay the loan via online transfers, checks, or kiosks.
    2. Stick to your schedule. Repay the money regularly as requested by lenders. Ideally, make payments a few days before the due dates.

After you have fully repaid the loan, it’s possible to apply for a new quick cash loan from the same company. Remember that it’s crucial to return the money on time. Thus, you can avoid accumulating debt and can also build a better credit history. With it, you will be able to get better loans with lower rates from different providers listed on our site.

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Fast Cash App

There are different Filipino loan providers. All of them manage lending procedures differently, too. Traditional banks and state-owned companies offer loans that are processed in branches and disbursed offline. More innovative startups offer online services. But there’s also a speedy cash delivery via mobile/tablet applications. Overall, you can find apps developed by banks, FinTech startups, and other lenders.

To understand how to get loans via applications, it’s better to know how these lending tools work. In general, you can get these mobile apps from your App Store or Google Play. After downloading, they allow you to create an account or enter it if you have already registered. Then, you can access fast cash lending services provided by Filipino or international firms. 

It’s important to distinguish two categories of loan apps:

  1. Application as an extra interaction channel. These tools are created by banks, government organizations, and other lenders who have several loan processing/delivery ways. For instance, by accessing Home Credit, you can apply for fast cash Philippines in any branch, on the website or through the official app.
  2. Application as the only interaction channel. Unlike the previous category, this one includes only two lenders that operate in the country: Tala and Atome Credit. The uniqueness is in their app-only strategy. It means that you can’t get the same day loans online via websites or land-based offices. The only way to access these lenders is via their mobile apps. Thus, they don’t spend resources on other options and can offer better conditions.

Regardless of the chosen type, you should also remember a few important points related to apps. Since apps are a way of online interaction, they can also be hacked or compromised. After installing, fraudulent applications can harm your device or steal your personal information. Thus, we suggest downloading from app stores only. 

Also, you should know that fast cash apk apps in the Philippines are designed for Android OS. This platform is more popular than iOS in this region. Only one legit application from the local lender is available for both Android and iOS. It’s Cashalo. All other apps are for Android phones only so Apple fans can’t access them. Still, it’s possible to apply through online sites or branches.

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