Chinatrust Bank Salary Stretch Personal Loan Overview

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Chinatrust Bank aka CTBC is one of the largest financial corporations in Taiwan with about 151 branches. And this without mentioning Chinatrust Bank 250 branches overseas. This is not just an ordinary office, but a huge company with international influence. 

It has been operating in the Philippines since 1995. Right in this year, the country opened doors to foreign banks. Now it is one of the most popular banks and employers in the country.

The official slogan of this bank for the Philippines is "We are a family." The brand offers various financial solutions for Filipinos, among which is a Chinatrust Bank Philippines Salary Stretch Personal Loan.

Is Chinatrust Bank legit

Yes. And although you won't find Chinatrust Bank in the SEC’s list, the brand has an official representative office in the Philippines and it’s regulated by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, has an official license and legal address.

Is Chinatrust Bank open today

Chinatrust Bank branches are open throughout the country and work during banking hours: from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., the main office – from 8.30 a.m. to 9.00 p.m. The site provides all the information about offices in the Philippines.

Customers can contact the bank for any questions regarding:

  • Chinatrust Bank hotline
  • Toll-free for Metro Manila
  • Toll-free for other provinces of the state
  • International Chinatrust Bank number toll-free.

The bank is also available for communication via email and Linkedin. Facebook also has Chinatrust Bank chat support, ready to help the client.

You don't have to wait too long for Chinatrust Bank feedback, because the support team responds quite quickly. Especially through the hotline, which is available around the clock and on any day of the week.


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How much interest Salary Stretch Personal Loan Chinatrust Bank

Please also note that the monthly add-on rate varies from 1.39% to 1.79%, depending on the parameters of the loan.

The effective Chinatrust Bank Salary Stretch Personal Loan percentage also changes based on the term of your loan:

  • the term on a year (12 months): 29.48% to 59.35%
  • the term on 18 months: 29.57% to 52.86%
  • 24-month loan: 29.33% to 49.07%
  • the term on 3 years, i.e. 36 months: 28.58% to 44.47%

It's important to know your loan amount, term and the corresponding interest rate to calculate how much you would need to pay monthly. Use an amortization table from the website for convenience. Tax for late payment assumes 5% per annum of the balance outstanding.

How to apply for a Loan Chinatrust Bank

For this, the applicant must familiarize himself with the Chinatrust Bank Salary Stretch Personal Loan requirements and submit applications by providing the needed copies of documents, namely:

  • the last form 2316 ITR/BIR
  • the identity card that gives an employer
  • Statement of payments for the last month

All this is made out of one of the bank's offices. Don’t forget to fill the Chinatrust Bank Salary Stretch Personal Loan application form, which you can download directly on the website, in the section of this product.


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How to get Salary Stretch Personal Loan Chinatrust Bank

You must meet the basic requirements of the bank:

  • Filipino citizenship only
  • Age from 23 to 60 years
  • The minimum annual income of PHP180.000.00 or PHP 15.000 per month for employees in Metro Manila. 
  • The client should work in the specified company for more than 12 months
  • The company office must have a landline telephone.

If all requirements are in order - apply and wait for a decision within 3-5 days.

The client can receive the approved funds through:

  • Chinatrust Bank Card
  • Customer Account at Chinatrust Bank
  • Check from a bank manager
  • The client’s bank account in another bank

This distinguishes the CTBC from other banks, where the receipt of funds is possible only to the appropriate bank account or via check.

Can a student apply?

This offer isn't available to students. Perhaps another solution will suit you.

Can housewife apply?

This offer isn't available for housewives. Perhaps a different solution will suit you.


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Can unemployed apply?

  • No. Bank requirements say that this product is only available to employed customers. You can also apply for a loan if you are a self-employed client, but the requirements will be slightly different:
  • Age frames are offset: 25-60 years
  • The applicant's business is registered for 3 years as a minimum, if we talk about Trade and Services, or if it's another sector, the minimum term is 5 years.
  • The credit card from CTBC and its photocopy is a must-have
  • As well as a landline number

Together with this, a client must provide:

  • 2-month statement of his/her credit card
  • Two copies of government ID cards
  • Two photocopies, namely: the last BIR 1701/1702 form and registration certificate
  • 6 months statement from the bank

For unemployed clients, it’s recommended to find alternative options.


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How many times can I reloan in Chinatrust Bank

According to the official Chinatrust Bank Salary Stretch Personal Loan review, there're no offers for refinancing or reloan. So, you can only take one loan at a time. A new application can be submitted only after closing the current credit line.

How to pay Salary Stretch Personal Loan Chinatrust Bank

The client can repay the loan in any way convenient for him:

  • Payment at the cash desk in the branch
  • Internet banking
  • Online translation
  • via ATM

As well as any of the outlets of Bayad Center, a complete list of which you can find out from the bank's resource. In case of payment issues, the Chinatrust Bank customer service will explain clearly all about the payment procedure in one way or another.

Where to pay Salary Stretch Personal Loan Chinatrust Bank

Chinatrust assumes several options for paying, which makes the given product convenient not only in requirements but also in fulfilling obligations. Thus, besides offices of CTBC, there're such ways as:

  • BancNet Channels - the customer can use ATM or online banking
  • Payment Merchants, that accredited by ECPay
  • Unionbank branches
  • Any branch of Chinatrust Bank or CTBC Internet banking

Addresses of branches where you can pay can be clarified on the bank's website. Please note that if you do not have a credit account, the cashier can clarify other details of your loan agreement with you for the accurate conduct of the transaction.


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How to repay?

Debt repayment is carried out through post-dated checks or PDSs, as well as monthly payment but not earlier than a month after you have taken a loan.

What is Chinatrust Bank Salary Stretch Personal Loan

This is a consumer loan available to working and self-employed Filipinos. The client can take a loan for PHP 20.000 to PHP 1.000.000 for the terms: year, 18 months, 2 years and also for the longest term – 36 months. The main conditions of the loan are a stable interest rate, monthly payments via issuance of post-dated checks.

The client decides by himself on what he will spend this money on vacation or repair, purchase of equipment or medicine, gifts or education. To apply for this product, you do not need a security deposit or a surety.

How does Chinatrust Bank work

Chinatrust Bank is also officially known as CTBC Financial Holding Co. It was first created in 1966, and has spread its activities around the world, including the Philippines, India, Japan, Singapore, Australia and more. In the Philippines, it has been operating for over 20 years.

The Bank offers Philippines citizens a full range of financial services:

  • Insurance
  • Loans
  • Deposit offers
  • The offers of investments
  • And cash management

The brand is trusted by the client and this year it is among the top 10 best banks in the Philippines, occupying mainly 6th position in terms of key indicators. In overall terms, the bank has a good reputation. Even in the matter of career, not many Chinatrust Bank complaints were left, which speaks of a worthy corporate culture and service.

The bank provides all the necessary options for a convenient site. The official page displays all the information of interest: from the details of each product to the information on the work schedule of the departments.

The Bank also has a Chinatrust Bank app available for Android and iOS. The application will allow you to carry out all basic banking operations: 

  • account management
  • checking balances
  • payments, and transfers
  • requesting an extract
  • contacting a support service that promptly answers via any channel of communication.


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How to avail Chinatrust Bank Salary Stretch Personal Loan

Taking avail of this product is easy:

  1. Apply for a loan for the desired amount
  2. Wait about 3 days for approval of the decision.
  3. With a positive decision, you receive money in any way convenient for you. 

Also, the bank often holds promotions that involve favorable conditions, discounts or an increase in the credit limit.

During the promotion period, you can become a participant if you meet certain criteria of a specific promotion.

How to check balance Chinatrust Bank

Like any client, you can check the Chinatrust Bank loan status using:

  • Internet banking
  • Mobile app for Android and iOS
  • By requesting a report by e-mail, which will be sent in PDF format.

The bank support service will also help you, which will tell you about the state of the current balance and help with account management.

How to compute Chinatrust Bank loan?

To find out all the nuances and parameters of your loan, an online Chinatrust Bank Salary Stretch Personal Loan calculator will help you. There you can calculate the monthly payment based on the following parameters:

  • credit term
  • loan amount
  • Chinatrust Bank Salary Stretch Personal Loan interest rate
  • monthly income

Thus, you can get the desired monthly payment schedule.


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How to get approved?

The first and main requirement for obtaining this loan in compliance with the basic requirements of the bank regarding the product. Also, in addition to the fact that you work, have sufficient income and are a resident of the country, it is also very desirable to have:

  • satisfactory credit rating
  • lack of debt
  • have a fixed number
  • having a credit card or bank account at Chinatrust Bank

All of these factors will increase your chance of being approved for a loan. Also, a long working experience, especially in the current company will be an advantage. As a rule, approval lasts no longer than 3 banking days. If the bank needs to clarify some details, it may take up to 5 banking days.

How to open account Chinatrust Bank

Any Filipino can open an account with this bank. To do this, take the following requirements into consideration:

  • Two copies of valid ID cards
  • Signature cards
  • Completed Account Opening Form (AOF)
  • Debit Card Terms of Use

This procedure takes place in one of the bank branches.

Various options will be available to the client who opened the account: deposits in national and foreign currencies, several types of loans for individuals, as well as banking services.

You can also open an account through partnerships or as an organization. This format involves a few advanced requirements.

Final thoughts

So, Chinatrust Bank is a large corporation operating in the Philippines under legal conditions and providing financial services. One of them is Salary Stretch Personal Loan, available for workers and self-employed citizens, for a period of 1-3 years. The client can request an amount of from PHP 20.000 to PHP 1.000.000. The effective interest rate and the monthly interest rate vary, depending on the terms. Chinatrust Bank Salary Stretch Personal Loan computation is based on the total loan amount, term and interest rates, a monthly payment is calculated. Additional guarantees like collateral or guarantors are not required. There is also a similar solution for companies.The main requirements for obtaining such a loan are:

  • Philippine citizenship
  • Employment
  • Working-age
  • Availability of required documents
  • Satisfactory monthly income

The client can apply in any convenient way and spend money at his discretion. The loan details are described on the Chinatrust Bank online website and can be checked with the bank employees.