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Personal loans for what you need and when you need them – Cashcat

There are cases when you need a certain sum of money, but you don't have it right now. And usually, the only way out is to apply for personal loans.

There are many aspects to consider though — interest rates, fees, and disbursement terms. Luckily, the Internet is full of resources that can help you find personal loans, which will best fit your needs. One of them is CashCat.

Why CashCat?

CashCat is a leader in providing fast cash loans throughout the Philippines. It matches users with financing companies, whose lending products are in line with customer priorities and goals. This eliminates the need for research and affords the possibility to pick the best alternative among the available loans. CashCat lists only the best lenders on its website. The borrower needs to fill in a brief request form, and the service will generate the most appropriate lending product.

Unlike other companies, CashCat doesn't demand its users to explain why they ask for money. To get quick cash, you should submit certain documents that verify your identity. It can be a driving license or anything of this kind.

There are other features that make CashCat your best choice:

  • Flexible conditions — various loan periods, sums, and rates;
  • Payment recalculation;
  • No limits and restrictions for loan use;
  • No extra payments required to get a loan;
  • One ID proof is enough for borrowing money.

And, most importantly, CashCat services are free for borrowers.

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At times, one might need a small amount of money to settle a transaction that is too good to turn down, but does not have the cash at hand. Luckily, obtaining a personal loan is a great way to handle this problem and ensure you do not miss out opportunities. However, one should take note of the associated transaction fees, the attached interest rates, and applicable terms and conditions. Fortunately, there are various platforms — either online (for example, Cashcat) or offline (banks, etc.) — in the Philippines that are prepared to grant you a personal loan.

Personal Loans in Philippines

Lots of Filipinos have come to rely on Cashcat to grant them a personal loan with low interest. And consequently, this platform has become the best and most trustworthy money lender in the Philippines. Cashcat ensures that people looking for a personal loan at low interest get matched with financial organizations that are prepared to offer individuals money for their immediate use. Hence, our service removes the burden of having to look at the lists of prospective lenders and compare the repayment charges of your proposed loan amount. However, to apply, you need to fill in your request in the form presented to you, and in a short while, you would be provided with a financial institution best suited for your needs.

One nice thing about using Cashcat is that we do not ask you what the money is for. We just make it accessible to you. You would be asked to show valid forms of identification during the loan application such as Government-issued ID, Philippines Passport, Driver’s License, or something similar. Furthermore, here are some reasons why using Cashcat is a better option than going to a bank for personal loans.

How to Get Personal Loan at Low Interest

Ordinarily, a personal loan is an unsecured amount of money given to individuals by financial institutions. This loan type does not need collateral. Still, applicants that borrow funds from banks are asked to present some documents like their credit ratings, employment records or certificate of employment, etc. The rate of interest that comes with personal loans Philippines residents get from banks is significantly higher than that of secured loans such as mortgages, business-oriented loans, or even car loans, which require collateral. This high interest rate comes as a consequence of the risk that the bank takes by lending you money without collateral. 

However, with Cashcat, the interest rates are low. Using our platform, Filipinos can get loans for unforeseen contingencies, personal expenses, and so on, without the fear of having to repay astronomical fees. Moreover, it does not take long to process an online personal loan application Philippines people provide. After they apply, they would get their loan amounts quickly too. That being said, take a look at the fantastic loan options we suggest, and find the best suited one:

  1. BPI Personal Loan: This loan option provides sums of money between 20,000 PHP and 1,000,000 PHP at 14.4 per cent for one to three years.
  2. BDO Personal Loan: The minimum loan amount here is 10,000 PHP, and the maximum is 1,000,000 PHP for anywhere between six months and three years at an interest rate of between 25.98% and 26.6% depending on the length of the loan.
  3. Metrobank Personal Loans: This loan option comes in different categories.
    1. Housing loan: It ranges from 500,000 to 100,000,000 PHP for at least one to twenty-five years at 5.5 per cent;
    2. Car loan: This allows Filipinos to borrow an amount between 250,000 PHP and 5,000,000 PHP at an interest rate between 7.47% and 10.07% for anywhere between one and five years.
  4. Citi Personal Loan: This lets Philippine residents borrow between 20,000 PHP and 2,000,000 PHP at 15.16% to 16.5% for 1-5 years.
  5. EastWest Bank Personal Loan: The Filipinos can apply for a sum of 25,000 PHP and 2,000,000 PHP at the 22.68% interest rate.
  6. Union Bank Personal Loan: This has two categories.
    1. Housing loan: Applicants will obtain any amount at 9-12% from 500,000 PHP to 50,000,000 PHP, and repay it for one to 20 years;
    2. Car loan: Loan amounts obtained here start from 200,000 PHP and can be as high as 5,000,000 PHP for one to five years at interest rates ranging from 10.39 per cent to 11.90 per cent.
  7. Robinsons Bank Personal Loan: Filipinos can borrow anything from 5,000 PHP to 250,000 PHP to repay in 6 months to 3 years.
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Easy Online Personal Loan with Cashcat

Cashcat lends amounts between 1,000 PHP and 10,000 PHP to Filipinos at low interest rates (1.5-2%). To get this online personal loan apply at our platform any time. In addition to the loan options you can get from the Filipino banks listed above, you can also receive online personal loan benefits from private money lending organizations. Mainly, the terms and conditions of the loans they offer are more attractive than those from traditional banks. Furthermore, they give customers incentives when they complete their online personal loan application on our platform. Additionally, we process loans fast, and Filipinos can receive their requested funds in just one business day and, at times, two days. But this might come at slightly higher interest rates.

To avoid fraudsters, study reviews on the company you want to work with and ensure their personal loan Philippines platform is safe before you give them your personal information. Also, verify if the Securities and Exchange Commission approves them. If they are approved, their site would have an SEC sign. Cashcat is careful when suggesting platforms for you to borrow funds from. Hence, we only recommend money lending services that are legal, according to the SEC. Some of our regularly suggested platforms are Tala, Cashwagon, First Circle, and Atome. All of these online personal loan Philippines platforms provide you with the assistance you need.

With all this knowledge of online personal loan application Philippines residents can now get money for their immediate needs and not be burdened with astronomical interest rates. However, make sure you carefully read all the payment terms of the loan before putting pen to paper. All details are relevant, even those in small prints. Also, if you borrowed funds through Cashcat, please do not skip your repayment time, and if you have to, contact us in advance. We will use a personal loan calculator to determine your flexible new repayment plan.

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