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A lot of specialists in the world would not have the possibility to achieve their dreams if it wasn’t for student loans. The media narrative that student loans are dangerous and, therefore, doing a great disservice to the poor students who can't afford college expenses. 

Taking a look at what it costs to attend college around the world paints a bleak picture. While there is no official figure of how much it costs on average to attend college globally, most students-to-be need some form of financial aid to get a college degree. 

The situation is worse in developing countries like the Philippines. With the 14th largest economy in Asia, the Philippines' education budget is meager and this leaves students with a large burden in terms of paying for their college education. This explains why the majority of youngsters in the Philippines need student loans to complete their education.

Student Loans in the Philippines

According to a report by the Asian Development Bank, close to 17% of all Philipinos live below the poverty line. To try and catch up with the rest of the world, the Philippines is banking on its youth. Nevertheless, while the government has tried its best to give its population access to education, college fees are still very high and most students can't afford them.

The average cost of college education in a public college in the Philippines is PHP 45,000 per year. The figures can be as high as PHP 145,000 per annum in private institutions. These astronomical figures lock out some of the brightest minds in the country. Although there is some form of financial aid and government-issued student loans, these forms of support require better inclusivity. Due to the strict government's criteria, only about 35% of all the needy students access these loans. 

This is where student loans come in. Organizations like Cashcat are trying to bridge the gap by providing students with affordable loans to complete their college education. The company prides itself on helping people in need of money meet the best lenders in the market.

It is important to note that Cashcat itself is not a creditor. The organization offers a loan comparing and facilitation service. In other words, Cashcat knows the best creditors to solve your specific cash problem and will facilitate the disbursement of the money. The repayment will also go through their systems. Cashcat's new student loans Philippines product is meant to make it easier for students from poor backgrounds to access education. 

Why Choose Cashcat? 

Quick Processing 

Cashcat processes loan requests very quickly. The company has a dedicated team of staff who work with applications on an individual basis. Cashcat scans the market to find the best possible solution for each case. You can, therefore, expect your applications to sail through very quickly if you fill the application correctly. All you have to do is to complete the application form and wait for the perfect solution.

Universal Access by All Filipinos

Cashcat's dream is universal financial inclusivity within the Philippines. They have systems in place to ensure that they reach everyone who needs their financial solutions. Whether you are in Manila or far away in the South in Cebu, Cashcat always has your back. They are available in most of the cities in the country and help students to get access to the best lenders. 

Affordable Interest Rates 

Cashcat understands how tedious it can be to repay a student loan. They, therefore, match you with companies that offer flexible repayment plans to enable students to pay off their loans on time. With the help of Cashcat, you won't be under immense pressure to pay off the student loan. 

Easy Application Process 

Cashcat doesn't want you to spend hours completing unnecessary paperwork to get student loans. They have streamlined the application process to make it as straightforward as possible. 

Student Loans How to Apply

In case if you go the Government route, you will face a tedious loan application process. There is a lot of paperwork one needs to fill out. There is also uncertainty regarding getting student loans. Means, there is no guarantee that if you apply for the loan you will get it. If you don't want to go through the tedious process of applying for the best student loans Philippines offers, then Cashcat is your best option.

Step 1: Submit Your Short Application

The first step is to fill out a short application online. The form requires very few personal details. These forms are available both online and in 7-Eleven stores spread across the country. 

Step 2: Choose the Best of Available Lenders 

Cashcat will match you with the best lenders in the country. Choose the lender that matches your needs and feel the application. If you have any questions, you can always consult the good people at Cashcat for guidance on how to make the application and increase your chances of getting better student loans ph offers. 

Step 3: Get Your Loan and Go Study

If you qualify for a loan and the lending company accepts your request, you will receive the money and concentrate on your studies as soon as possible. The beauty of using Cashcat for student loans application is that everything is available online. 

Student Loans Online

If you are in the Philippines, you don't have to travel for hours to visit loan offices. You can complete all the processes right from the palm of your hand. This makes the process of accessing student financing very convenient for many. 


If you want to further your education and make your dreams come true in the Philippines, apply for a student loan through Cashcat. Refer to Cashcat today and get a carefree student life tomorrow.

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