4 ways not to strain relations with a lender

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Try to study all the terms' pros and cons carefully before affixing your signature in the credit contract. In fact, ignorance about all the bank requirements can make a hash, rectifying mistakes after such a habitual lack of care for a long time. The article concerns things of naught if you want both to stand well with a financial institution and obtain long-term credits.

1. Do not initiate so many applications in one bank simultaneously

It is obviously for the bank why customers submit several applications to different financial institutions at the same time. Thus, the loan debtor will be more likely to receive a credit in one of the banks. But such behavior is often regarded as a lack of discipline by the lender, so he may not even check such a credited party. It is worthy to remember all the refusals without giving a reason, are recorded in the credit history, and the more of them, the more negative creditor's attitude is to you.

2. Check your credit history and keep track of details

We advise you to check the history status at least once a year so that your credit information not to be filled with minor contretemps like one copeck's worth debt or accidentally forgotten loans. It's desirable to do it twice if you are an active loan debtor. First of all, you will be able to take control of the situation, being aware of where there are flaws in your credit history, and secondly, it will be easier to eliminate them. Bank giro credit, using the Cashcat fast lending online service is both fast and proven way to improve your credit history and, thus, not to spoil relations with a lender. Also, try to keep track of the data relevance in your credit history: it is important to notify the obligee about changing the phone number or passport data. Otherwise, the loan debtor may have problems with identification during subsequent applications for credit.

3. Take by single loans

If several applications have been submitted to different banks and you are in luck's way - they are all approved - you should not rejoice prematurely, taking all the loans. After all, this is an additional financial burden, and it is easier to cope with one debt than with several. Hiding the fact of service in several financial institutions simultaneously also does not redound to your advantage. The loan portfolio contains both negative and positive information on closed and current loans. Therefore, the bank still finds out about the loans' availability.

4. If you are unable to pay the debt back in time - apply to Cashcat

Having a sudden emergency situation? Dismissal or too many expenses? But the debt should be returned? Do not worry. You can receive money at any time of the day, from any place where there is an Internet in your city. Personal data, e-mail, several socio-demographic parameters are only required for the optimal loan selection.

Having received several loans for small amounts and paying them in time, the loan debtor has more chances to improve his current position and raise his credit rating. It means that it will not be possible to spoil relations with a new lender.