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Check the Online Loans cash loan review to find out how to borrow money from the online loans company. We will reveal key requirements for applicants, loan terms and conditions, repayment/refinancing options, and general advantages + drawbacks. Read on to learn from our experience while using the Online Loans Pilipinas app — from submitting the request to getting the loan itself. Also, you will find a short comparison with other lenders.



Online Loans Pilipinas Cash Loan Requirements

The lender lists four legit IDs that you can submit as a proof:

You can submit any of these documents and you will be eligible for an Online Loans Pilipinas payday loan. The ID type doesn’t affect your chances to get the application approved. Still, other requirements such as official employment status and age can be more important. 

  • Age: from 22 to 60 years old.
  • Occupation: officially employed individuals or applicants with a steady income.  
  • Location: Philippines (nationwide).

Online Loans Pilipinas Rates and Terms

  • Amount of loan: ₱2,000-₱10,000 for first-time clients and up to ₱20,000 for ‘seasoned’ borrowers.
  • The average interest rate may vary depending on the term: the shorter the term of repayment, the smaller the total amount, which the client needs to payout. For example, if you need to lend 2000 PHP and ready to repay it within a week, the total repayment will be 2,140 PHP.
  • Other fees: 10% handling fee + extra 1% daily interest rate on late payments + ₱700 late payment fee.
  • Loan delivery time: immediately after approval.
  • Repayments: 7, 15, 21 or 30 days.
  • Requirements: be between 22 and 60 years old, be employed, and have a valid ID card that proves your Philippine residency.

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The Comparison Table

The described lender offers profitable rates and favorable conditions. There are only a few Philippine companies that can compete with Online Loans Pilipinas customer service. These brands are Cashwagon and Robocash. Let’s take a look at a comparison of the three lenders. The table below describes interest rates, requirements, and other valuable info.

  Online Loans Pilipinas Cashwagon Robocash
Amount ₱2,000-₱20,000 ₱2,000-₱7,000 ₱1,000-₱25,000
Term From 7 to 30 days From 7 to 21 days Up to 180 days
Requirements, age 22 – 60 20 – 60 21-70
Requirements, occupation Vary Employed Employed
Requirements, location Philippines Philippines Philippines

Our Experience

To get financial aid, it’s enough to fill out a simple Online Loans Pilipinas cash loan application form. The entire process takes roughly 5 minutes. The company asks for some personal details, including the bank account’s data and any valid ID. Generally, the application form has four screens:

  1. Personal information: ID, gender, date of birth, email.
  2. Address: city, barangay, street, house, apartment, phone.
  3. Employment: social status, company, position, income, work phone, personal phone.
  4. Bank info: bank, account holder name, account number.

After completing these steps and verifying the phone number, you will be redirected to the final screen with the loan info.

Online Loans Pilipinas Cash Loan Calculator

The official website of the lender has a convenient calculator using which you can reveal the total repayment and loan terms. The tool is really simple as there are two sliders with several positions. Look at the examples (it works on the same principle any month, but let’s say, you want to get a loan on 07.31):

  • ₱2,000 for 7 days – repay ₱2,140 by 08.07.
  • ₱7,000 for 15 days – repay ₱8,050 by 08.15.
  • ₱15,000 for 21 days - repay ₱18,150 by 08.21.
  • ₱20,000 for 30 days – repay ₱26,000 by 08.31.

Overall, it’s a good idea to use the website for Online Loans Pilipinas cash loan computation. With it, you can quickly check the repayment amount and term.

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Repayment + Refinancing Options

To repay your loan, you should find Online Loans payment partner branch, pay using your reference number, and get a receipt. It’s possible to pay via 7-Eleven kiosks and via Bayad Center but these operations are also handled by Dragonpay/Dragon Loans.

If your Online Loans Pilipinas loan status isn’t the best, you can apply for refinancing. The procedure is pretty simple and user-friendly. Don’t be afraid of asking the lender about this possibility because, usually, the lender provides it for the clients. Refinancing is possible for up to 6 months. For more details, ask the company’s managers.

Pros and Cons


  • Affordable interest rates. Online Loans Pilipinas payday loan percentage is 1% per day. Thus, it can’t go higher than 30% in total.
  • Favorable conditions. Even unemployed individuals and freelancers can get their loan applications approved. Still, the employed have more chances.
  • Good customer support. You can check it via the online chat or contact an Online Loans Pilipinas hotline via (02) 322-1000.
  • Immediate delivery. After approval, you can expect to get money in less than 24 hours. Surely, it may take longer during holidays.
  • Simple application procedure. To submit a request, you have to provide one valid ID and specify some personal details. It takes around 5 minutes online.


  • Limited loan terms. You can choose between 7, 15, 21, and 30 days only. Other lenders offer more flexible options.
  • Strict location requirements. Online Loans feedback reveals that the company offers loans for Filipino that live in the capital region, Cavite, Laguna, and Bulacan only.

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Online Loans Pilipinas Feedback

  1. These guys are amazing. I just filled out the form and they called back in a few minutes. They gave details on my loan and promised that it will be approved the same day. Got money in four hours and don’t have any Online Loans Pilipinas complaints! (Angelica, 26 y. O., housewife)
  2. Really good company. I’m currently unemployed and have a poor credit score. Even don’t want to expose it. But Online Loans Lending online accepted the application and helped me. Of course, the amount wasn’t too huge but money is money. (Denise, 31 y. O., unemployed)
  3. I’m happy with this lender as I have a pretty long history of interactions with it. Applied for five loans one by one so now can get up to ₱20,000 with improved terms & conditions. Recommend this company to everyone. (John, 39 y. o., school teacher)
  4. Love Online Loans Pilipinas payday loan interest rate as it’s quite low – only 1% per day! It’s cool that I can get loans quickly without any delays and issues. It’s even cooler, as I can repay loans without spending too much of my own money. (Kevin, 22 y. o., student)
  5. Appreciate the company’s attitude to customers. Once you contact the team to interact with Online Loans Pilipinas chat support, operators respond quickly and always help. Moreover, you can find the answers from a chatbot when operators aren’t available. (Peter, 34 y. O., analyst)How Many Times Can I Reloan in Online Loans Pilipinas?The number of times is unlimited because the lender appreciates loyal clients. For regular borrowers, the company offers better conditions, including higher loan amounts.

How Much Interest Cash Loan Online Loans Pilipinas?

The average interest rate is between 7% and 30%. It’s calculated on the basis of 1% daily interest and depends on the full loan term.

How to Apply for a Cash Loan Online Loans Pilipinas?

Just visit the official site and find the application form there. Enter your valid ID and specify some personal details. Then send the form and wait a bit.

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How to Avail Online Loans Pilipinas Cash Loan?

The money will be credited to your bank account. After receiving, you can use this loan for any purpose. Just don’t forget to make repayments.

How to Check Balance Online Loans Pilipinas?

You can check the balance of your bank account connected to the lending service. As well, you can calculate the loan terms & conditions via the site.

How to Get a Payday Loan Online Loans Pilipinas?

For this, specify that you want to repay the loan quickly – from 7 to 30 days.

How to Get Repay Cash Loan in Online Loans Pilipinas?

Actually, all the described loans are repay-based. It means that you will have to return money via a series of repayments.

How to Pay Cash Loan in Online Loans Pilipinas?

The company accepts repayments via affiliate services: Dragon Loans and Dragonpay. You can find these options in 7-Eleven kiosks and Bayad Center.

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Is Online Loans Pilipinas Legit?

Yes, completely. The lender operates under the national jurisdiction and provides safe loans to its customers. Mind that before applying for a loan, you can always check if it is considered secure by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Where to Pay for Credit from Online Loans Pilipinas?

As it was mentioned above, you can make payments in any kiosk of the 7-Eleven network or in Bayad Center.

Can Housewife Apply for Cash Lending from Online Loans?

Yes, housewives can apply if their husbands have a stable income. Respectively, applicants will be considered as individuals with income, too.

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Can Student Apply for Cash Lending from Online Loans?

Yes, students can apply if they have constant and reliable money support from charities or parents, for example.

Can Unemployed Apply for Cash Lending from Online Loans?

Yes, unemployed individuals can apply but their chances of getting a loan will be slightly poorer than the chances of the employed.

How to Compute Cash Loan in Online Loans?

It’s easy to check the loan’s repayment amount and term by using a built-in calculator. It’s located at the main site’s page.

How to Get Approved Cash Loan in Online Loans?

Provide a valid ID and correct personal info. Applicants with a stable income or official job have more chances.

How to Open an Account at Online Loans?

Just apply for your first loan and fill out all the required forms. The account will be created automatically.

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Is Online Loans Available Today?

You can outreach the company's customer service from Monday to Friday — 8:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m., and from Saturday to Sunday — 9:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. You can reach out to operators using the Online Loans Pilipinas number: (02) 322-1000.

What is Online Loans?

It’s a Philippine company that delivers timely financial support to the state’s citizens. It’s known for the quick and simple application process, good rates, and high approval percentage.