Personal Loan from Pag-IBIG. The Ultimate Guide on Getting

Personal Loan from Pag-IBIG. The … image

Overall, there are dozens of reasons why people decide to ask for money from a third party. For some citizens, financial help can be vital because they barely make a living, while others want to invest in a business or some assets.

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If you need a quick cash loan issued by a reliable lender, opt for governmental institutions. Therefore today, we’re going to focus on Pag-IBIG loan offers. We will review the concept itself, Pag-IBIG loan requirements and types, and the company’s basic info.

Government Loans and How They Work

Firstly, you should understand the difference between lenders. Filipino businesses are divided into two large categories: private and public. The first type includes the majority of firms, from large banks to street lenders. The second one consists of three big names:

  1. SSS. The body that helps members employed in non-government sectors.
  2. GSIS. Unlike the previous one, this organization focuses on the state-related sphere.
  3. Pag-IBIG. It provides financial support to all locals.

These government bodies provide funds to borrowers who meet several criteria.

Therefore, to learn more about the offers, continue reading as this issue is covered below. Are you curious about the history of this company? Then jump to the article’s last section.

The Borrowing Process

Well, let’s highlight the main idea. While the body provides different services like personal savings programs, it’s also highly useful because of numerous lending options. Pag-IBIG salary loan types are provided to all participants, and we will highlight them all. Moreover, this part covers Pag-IBIG salary loan requirement info and shows how to apply for loans.

Loans provided by the fund feature similar terms. Each type may include a few extra rules but general conditions are the same. To get a Pag-IBIG personal loan, you should ask yourself:

  • Do you have a membership?
  • Do you have a valid ID?
  • Have you been making regular payments?
  • Can you send the recent payslips?

The first requirement automatically includes the basic rules related to age and residency.

Now, let’s quickly look at how to submit a Pag-IBIG salary loan inquiry. This task is simple.

Now, let’s quickly look at how to submit a Pag-IBIG salary loan inquiry. This task is simple.You can reach the institution online or offline, whichever option is more convenient.

To make things simple, look at the five steps required to move through the process:

  1. All borrowers can easily get the required forms in a physical branch or in a dedicated part of the site. Explore the docs carefully to collect everything you need at once.
  2. Send the Pag-IBIG online loan application or bring it personally. Every borrower has to fill in the received forms, submit them, and pay P1,000 – an official fee. All offices accept applications. It’s also possible to finish this step via e-services online.
  3. This point is pretty passive. You should wait for nearly 20 working days and then get feedback. A Pag-IBIG cash loan is delivered to your account after approval, most often.
  4. Sometimes, extra rules appear. This step is required for the housing loan. Exact points require you to send other docs and depend on the type of property you want to buy/renovate.
  5. Finally, the last step is the long-awaited one. Loans are issued in offices, as a rule. Another way is to get a Pag-IBIG loan online using a bank transfer or to your disbursement card directly.

As you can see, general multi-purpose loan requirements are pretty simple. Borrowers can do everything via the web services or in the branches if they want. Further, we will focus on specific loan types in more detail.

Pag-IBIG Loan Types


This support is provided to citizens living or working in disaster areas. One can get 80% of his fund’s accumulation. The Pag-IBIG loan interest rate is 5.95% annually. It has to be repaid within 1 year, but actual payments start from the 4th month. Even if you have another loan, you can apply for this one. However, it’s impossible for holders of calamity loans.

How to get loan in Pag-IBIG? Look below:

  • 1-year savings.
  • 5 repayments over the half-year.
  • Reside in the district of calamity.
  • Provide 2 state-approved IDs.
  • Provide income proofs.
  • Provide the filled form.

It’s easy to answer how to avail Pag-IBIG loan. Just bring the required docs to the chosen office and apply. There, employees of the fund will help. The Pag-IBIG short-term loan form should be sent no later than 90 days after the disaster state was declared.


Let’s now answer the next question: how to loan in Pag-IBIG fund to get or upgrade property? There are a few conditions under which a borrower can get this loan to further buy, construct or upgrade the living space. It works if you want to refinance the 1st loan Pag-IBIG or other active housing loans.

Basically, only two offers are available here:

  1. Affordable Home. Obtain up to P750,000 for 30 years. The Pag-IBIG loan interest rate is 3% for starting 5 years and 6.5% for the next 10 years.
  2. End-User Home. Obtain up to P6,000,000 for the same term. Rates depend on the user’s financial state and repayment schedules.

Eligibility requirements are pretty similar. Ask yourself: “How can I loan in Pag-IBIG?” Programs require a borrower to accumulate savings for a year, have income not higher than P17,500 per month, have legal rights, and have no other Pag-IBIG loan balance amounts, particularly short ones. Borrowers have to show the legal ID, income proofs, TCT/CCT, tax info, home sketches, and the purchase agreement. The full list is available here.

Don’t understand how to file Pag-IBIG loan? It’s pretty simple to complete in any office. Moreover, borrowers can schedule the day and time of visit to enter the priority line. Note that it’s impossible to send applications via web services. Additionally, enjoy the Pag-IBIG fund loan calculator. It’s a convenient tool for management.


It’s the most universal offer. Further, we show how to get Pag-IBIG loan for different purposes. The multi-purpose offer is for minor property upgrades, purchases, daily expenses, etc.

The eligibility criteria differ for the first and Pag-IBIG 2nd loan:

  • 1 offer: savings equivalent to 1-year membership, at least one payment over the past half-year, and income higher than the minimum required by GAA.
  • 2 offer: at least 6-month savings, other requirements are the same.

Pag-IBIG loan computation shows that its rate is 10.5% annually. Borrowers can get up to 80% of their savings. Employed applicants can avoid filing Pag-IBIG loan payment forms as the repayments come as deductions from salaries. For OFWs, we suggest going to branches or contact the fund.

Pag-IBIG Company’s History

Pag-IBIG is a government-owned body that was created in 1978 as the main public social security service provider in the country. The department called GSIS was established for government workers and the second branch called SSS was focused on other citizens. Later, these two groups became separate companies and Pag-IBIG began to serve as the core center.

By the way, the fund’s name is an acronym, which stands for four key sectors that benefit from the company: You (a personal borrower who can use the Pag-IBIG loan calculator for more convenience), Bank (provides all financial services), Industry (includes workers from various market spheres), and Government (the owner of this group). Overall, several different benefits are available in the fund. Let’s check them.

Apart from Pag-IBIG short-term loans, the organization provides other benefits

Pag-IBIG Benefits

Apart from Pag-IBIG short-term loans, the organization provides other benefits. Only members can get access to them. The best benefits are backed by lifelong savings – sums paid by a person while he/she is a member of the fund. Like a Pag-IBIG loan inquiry, more traditional benefits depend on repayment sums, too:

  1. Maturity. It is valid for members with at least 20 years of regular contributions. For overseas workers, there are also options for 5, 10, and 15 years.
  2. Retirement. It is delivered to the retired persons who reached 65. There are also options for members retired after 45 or 60.
  3. Disability. This one is for citizens retired because of permanent disability and/or insanity. The health state should be approved by a doctor.
  4. Separation. It is paid to participants who can’t continue working due to health problems. They can still send a Pag-IBIG online loan application.
  5. Departure. For members who’ve left the country and got a permanent residence in another one. They may be considered as overseas workers, sometimes.
  6. Death. It is paid to relatives or beneficiaries of deceased members. This benefit covers funeral costs and other related expenses.

How to check Pag-IBIG loan balance and other info about savings?

How to check Pag-IBIG loan balance and other info about savings? Just visit the official site, contact the support center or find an office. Operators are always ready to help. More info about benefits is available for free. The requirements differ from Pag-IBIG cash loan requirements, so pay attention.


Finally, we want to cover the participation models. To send the Pag-IBIG calamity loan forms and other applications, you must become a participant. Two options are available:

  • Mandatory. This is for workers covered by SSS and/or GSIS programs, members of the armed forces, police, and foreign-employed citizens. This form provides access to all benefits, including all forms of Pag-IBIG loans.
  • Voluntary. All citizens of the legal age can become members to get the same benefits. Surely, they have to comply with the rules. Pag-IBIG loan payments are obligatory for them, too.

Thus, almost everybody can get a membership. And it’s a viable option for people because they can access the mentioned benefits.

Want to know how much is the first loan in Pag-IBIG or want to ask other questions?


The organization is pretty useful. Today, all members can get a new Pag-IBIG loan form in 2019 online or offline to apply for financial support. They can also find other benefits, including social security services.

how much is the first loan in Pag-IBIG?

Want to know how much is the first loan in Pag-IBIG or want to ask other questions? Feel free to contact the representatives. Hotline queries take up to 1 hour to settle, while complex complaints may take up to 10 days. Of course, you can get Pag-IBIG multi-purpose loan forms there, too.

Although the lending process may seem too slow, you can rest assured that the governmental body that you turn to is 100% reliable and legit. So, always remember to borrow safely!